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The new year has arrived, and we’re excited to greet it with the launch of the newly designed website. Over the last few years we’ve evolved as a team and a business. Our website should too.

Our goal was to build a website that would powerfully reflect the personality and values of our team, and provide a succinct snapshot of what we do for clients. The Anthros culture is unique. We need a website that showcases that culture and vividly tells our story.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working for months as a team to conceive and create this new website. It gave us an opportunity to reflect on how we’ve grown— including new services we provide, processes we’ve reengineered and perfected, and advances we’ve made in our technology platform.

As you explore the new, check out some of the features we are most excited about.

Our Team

Anthros is the people who make up our team. That’s why you will see beautiful photography of our team on every page of the new website.

We know these photos don’t look like typical office photos. Stock photography? Corporate office photos? Not really our thing. We don’t hew to anyone’s definition of what an HR company “should” be.

Yes, we’re sitting on the floor in some of these photos. Yes, we know we’re not wearing shoes. Anthros is anything but typical. We’re a team that laughs often and takes great pride in what we do. That’s the team you see on our website.

Anthros Mission & Values

The Anthros culture permeates everything we do. But what is the Anthros culture? With our new website, we wanted to define and share the mission and values that shape that culture. They are the how and why of Anthros. They are our promise to our clients.

How were our mission and values created? We can tell you they weren’t created and defined by a corporate committee. Instead they arose organically over time. Today they are the reason we have a 98 percent client retention rate.

Employee and Manager Self-Service

At Anthros we use technology to streamline HR processes for our clients and their employees. That’s why our clients’ employees and their managers have 24/7 access to important payroll and HR functions through our Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Service portals. These web-based platforms are secure, easy to use and compatible with all devices.

The Anthros Blog

Anthros is made up of a team of handpicked professionals who have decades of experience in human resources, employment law, payroll, compliance, benefits administration, brand management and more.

Through our blog, we share their expertise and best practices established over decades in the industry. What are tips for remaining in compliance in a rapidly changing regulatory landscape? How can your company think outside the box to create a stronger workplace culture? Visit the Anthros blog, and come back often.

About the Author

Dyannah Byington is the Brand Manager at Anthros.

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