Unconditional Support: Treating Your Team Like Family

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Unconditional Support: Treating Your Team Like Family

Should the saying, “in sickness and in health” only apply in a marriage? We don’t think so. Just as a family supports one another in times of need, a “work family” should do the same.

At Anthros, we began asking the question, “What if individuals cared for their work families as much as they cared for their birth families?

Imagine the impact it would have on the team member and overall organizational morale. Imagine the example it would set for corporate America. Imagine the effect it could have on humankind.

At Anthros, we no longer wanted to imagine.

Anthros Founder & CEO Anurag Dandiya recently announced that the company has placed $5,000 into the Anthros Family Emergency Fund (AFEF).

No one can predict unforeseen emergencies, but when and if they occur, the financial impact can be a heavy burden to bear. A loss of a loved one, an auto accident, a serious illness, damage to a home, all of which may contribute to unexpected expenses. The financial burden on a team member may trickle out towards other members in forms of performance, morale or absenteeism.

The Anthros Family Emergency Fund (AFEF) is a special fund designed to assist any Anthros team member who may need some extra “breathing room” in the event of financial or personal hardships. Establishing this fund can help team members in several ways:

  • Provides support which creates a morale boost
  • Gives team member a level of relief to better focus on Anthros responsibilities
  • Maintains our “family” atmosphere
  • Protects our most important asset- the Anthros team!

Ultimately, the fund was designed to benefit Anthros team members facing hardship due to circumstances beyond their control. Process and decisions are kept confidential as to eliminate any form of embarrassment for said team member.

While there are certain unavoidable boundaries between one’s personal and professional life, it is also unrealistic to think that a personal crisis would not or should not bleed into other elements of an individual’s life. Of course, financial support should not replace emotional support. Being part of a team means being there for one another through it all. Your team needs your support. Will you choose to provide it?



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