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Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Human Resources can be a company’s strongest brand asset. What does it take to convert employees into brand ambassadors? HR practices that encourage engagement and retention. On the other hand, if employees don’t feel their employer is invested in their long-term development and wellbeing, HR can also be a company’s greatest weakness.

To improve your HR processes and give employees a positive experience of your brand, consider following these HR best practices.

 Take the Technology Leap

Efficiency and self-sufficiency are the key words here. Using an HR technology platform streamlines processes and improves communication between employee and manager. Employees can access paycheck information and manage HR tasks at any time rather than submitting requests through their supervisors. Automating processes also cuts down opportunities for error, and ensures that payroll proceeds smoothly for all employees.

Invest in Your Employees

To stay at a job, employees must feel there are opportunities for career growth and professional development. Give employees access to online training, create a formal mentoring program, offer mediation and wellness resources, or host lunch and learn sessions with experts from your industry. Yes, there is a cost to do these things, but it is far less than the cost associated with hiring and turnover.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

It sounds easy enough but make sure your employees are in the know. Leaders should keep their teams up to date on their vision and business plan, while also being open about challenges and setbacks. Transparency is always the best approach to guarantee employees feel like they are part of a team and belong to something greater than themselves. Keep up with your teams through daily or weekly stand-up meetings and don’t forget to take the time to recognize team members for exceptional contributions.

Encourage Employees to Have Fun

Sometimes the most useful thing an HR department can do is encourage employees to take a break from work. Plan a themed potluck lunch, take an hour to play board games, assign a easy arts and crafts project, or celebrate holidays like National Donut Day. There are so many ways to encourage employees to have fun on the clock. It may seem counterproductive, or not appropriate in a work setting, but anything that builds connections between team members and helps employees avoid burnout will only boost productivity and inspire engagement.


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Dyannah Byington is the Brand Manager at Anthros.

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