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Anthros clients benefit from one of the largest and most robust Human Resource Information Systems out there, PrismHR.  PrismHR has proven reliability and success while providing solutions to more than 80,000 organizations and 2,000,000 employees. The web-based platform allows for easy and secure accessibility at any time from any device. Here we want to highlight some of the many features of this platform that make HR administration a breeze.

Employee Onboarding

The first few days of an employee’s job are critical to setting them up for success. New hire paperwork can slow down the onboarding process and lead to lower employee productivity and satisfaction. The Anthros onboarding module provides a simple, step-by-step process that can be completed on any device, from anywhere. Onboarding module highlights include:

Paperless: All paperwork and required media are paperless and located in one workflow for the employee.
Custom Onboarding Workflows: The onboarding process can be customized with client-specific forms along with federal and state required forms.
Securely Track Documents: All completed forms with digital signatures are securely filed and stored electronically.
Immediate Access to the Employee Portal: The start of the onboarding process requires an employee to register with the Employee Portal where they can later review company specific items like policies and PTO balances as well as enroll in benefits.

Benefits Enrollment

Enrolling in benefits with paper forms can be cumbersome and confusing for employees. Anthros’ secure benefits enrollment module allows employees to easily enroll in benefits from any device during the enrollment period. Benefit enrollment module features include:

Faster, More Accurate Enrollment: Alerts let employees know when required information is missing, taking the manual effort out of following up to ensure selections are completed.
Clear Plan Comparison: Employees can use the plan comparison tool to help make the best decision for themselves and their family.
Happier, Healthier Employees: Employees who are better informed about their plan options can more confidently enroll in the right plans and take advantage of benefits.
Integrated Across Platform Modules: Benefit deductions are easily integrated into the payroll module allowing for fast, accurate deductions.


As a business owner, you are passionate about running your business and serving your customers – not the hassle of payroll. The Anthros Payroll Module allows you to stay focused on your business while quickly and easily managing payroll. You can rest easy knowing that the HR cloud is a tried-and-true payroll solution processing $80 billion in payroll every year. The payroll module is:

Fast and Efficient: Your payroll data can seamlessly integrate with other HR Cloud modules, so you never have to manually rekey any data from one system to another. You can quickly review timesheets, process your payroll and see the status of your payroll in real-time.
Safe and Secure: Access to payroll data is granted to individuals in your organization as needed. You can even control what data, fields, and reports each individual user can see.


With the Anthros Reporting Module, you have access to the information that’s most important to you. From standard HR reports to custom employee reports, they can easily be processed to give you the insight you need to make decisions for your business. Reporting module highlights include:

Standard Reports: Pre-built reports can be quickly generated whether it’s for Payroll, HR, or Benefits. Automated payroll reports make it easy to access your payroll history and you can view payrolls by date range, payroll number, location and more. Reports are controlled through role-based permissions, so individual managers only see the data they need.
Advanced Reporting with Data Retriever: Go deeper and get the specific data you want with Data Retriever. Data Retriever makes it easy to select the exact information you want and quickly view or export to Excel. Need to access this newly created report on an ongoing basis? You can save it as a template within Data Retriever.

Employee Portal

Anthros’ Employee Portal makes it simple for your employees to view and download important HR and payroll-related information all by themselves. This is available any time from any device whether they are a current or former employee.

What tools can an employee use in the Employee Portal? Benefit details and enrollment, pay stub access, paid time off requests, document management, personal information, company event and holiday calendar, tax documents, HR support contacts, and company-wide announcements. Other Employee Portal features include:

24/7 Access from Any Device: With its responsive design, the Employee Portal looks and works well on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Employees and managers can also access the Employee Portal through the PrismHR mobile app, available for both Apple and Android devices.
Keep Employee Data Safe: Multi-Factor Authentication verifies a user’s identity and provides additional security against unauthorized access.
Simplify Manager Approvals: At work or on the go, managers can easily review and approve time off requests – even from their mobile device.
Reduce Support Requests: The Employee Portal reduces the administrative burden on your managers. They can easily approve time off requests and look up employee details for members of their team. Employees can also retrieve their username or reset their password without assistance from your support staff.
Empower Your Employees: The Employee Portal dashboard puts information and tools related to pay, benefits, PTO, and HR support at your employees’ fingertips. All of this along with full Spanish support provides an employee-centric experience that leads to higher satisfaction and retention.
Configure Manager Access to Data: With role-based security, you can choose what managers can see while restricting certain types of information (e.g., employee pay details, social security numbers).
Custom User Experience: Employee Portal can incorporate your logo and background image to provide employees with a familiar experience and reinforce your brand.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliance

Keeping up with ACA regulations and reporting requirements doesn’t have to be a hassle. Anthros can provide the ACA reports you need to ensure your company remains compliant. ACA reporting features include:

Eligibility for New Hires: Determining eligibility for employees with flexible hours can be a challenging and time-consuming process. With eligibility reports, clients can quickly and easily determine if employees meet the full-time equivalent (FTE) threshold.
Are You a Large Employer? Calculating and predicting your company’s classification – specifically, if you are considered a “large employer” – is essential to determine which ACA regulations apply to you. The system analyzes your company size across any date range, so you can deliver the right benefits in compliance with ACA requirements.
Continuous System Updates: As ACA regulations are added and modified, the system is updated so that Anthros has the necessary tools and information to keep your company compliant.

PrismHR Security

Cybersecurity issues are a reality for virtually all businesses and that is why Anthros takes them so seriously. PrismHR has maintained System and Organization Controls Type 2 (SOC 2) compliance since 2018, and they continue to take steps to strengthen their security protections and business continuity processes. To safeguard the data of HR service provides and the business they support, PrismHR is committed to continuously enhancing their security practices and protocols. Security features include:

Application Security: PrismHR employs multiple features to prevent unauthorized access to the system and your data, including multi-factor authentication, strict password rules, IP address control, and role-based security.
Data Monitoring & Encryption: The platform is actively monitored 24/7/365 to protect against data breaches and cyberattacks. Access to your HR technology requires a secure connection. And all data is encrypted before being sent to or stored in the cloud to prevent it from being captured while in transit or at rest. The EDR solution also includes 24/7 managed response by a team of cyber defense experts. This combination of sophisticated software with human oversight is designed to address a constantly evolving landscape of cyber threats.
Zero Trust Strategy: PrismHR will move further towards zero trust approach – a leading cybersecurity methodology – to reduce risk and ensure users across the system have the appropriate level of access. Zero trust incorporates what users are doing while inside the system and authenticates users as they move through the system based on access level and behavior patterns.
Business Continuity: PrismHR maintains and regularly tests business continuity, incident response, and disaster recovery plans. This process is designed to detect, resolve, and guide recovery from a security breach, and identify opportunities for improvement. As part of this process, PrismHR is bolstering their disaster recovery with processes and technology that allows them to restore system access more quickly from a cyber incident.
Data Security: PrismHR is hosted in a private cloud at a leading enterprise cloud provider. The cloud provider adheres to the latest security, control and performance standards, and Privacy Shield and Content Protection and Security Standard requirements. The provider is subject to regular third-party audits.
Continuous Improvements: PrismHR is committed to continuous improvements and implementing learning that increases their security posture beyond our existing high stand. This includes adding new state-of-the-art security tools and procedures.

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