The Bento Restaurant Group Joins the Anthros Family of Clients

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WINTER PARK, Fla., June 6, 2022 — We are honored to announce that The Bento Restaurant Group along with Omei Restaurant Group have joined the Anthros family with all their 26 locations. 

“With our locations continuing to expand, we needed to streamline all HR functions, deploy a consolidated solution for our employees, procure robust secure Technology from a trusted provider with a proven track record,” said Mr. Johnny Tung of Bento Group Management. “Furthermore, Anthros customized service platform, tenure in the industry, experience, reputation, longevity of their team members and clients and how carefully they have curated service offerings over 26 years, were all critical in us selecting Anthros”. 

Mr. Jimmy Tung added, “Anthros and its founder Anurag Dandiya’s beginnings are like ours. We share the same values and both companies treat their employees and customers like family. Like Anthros, which operates in 42 states, our operations have grown to 26 locations, and we are in the process of opening additional concepts and expanding in other states on the eastern seaboard. We want to leave HR to the experts and focus on expansion,” said Mr. Jimmy Tung. 

“I admire the Tung Dynasty. I admire and respect what the brothers, Mr. Johnny and Jimmy Tung, have built over 20 years. I am very drawn to this relationship as it fosters an environment which will make a difference in the lives of thousands,” mentioned Anurag Dandiya, Anthros Founder. “We share the same story. We share the same values and the two companies’ teams coming together is a bold statement for the industry which further endorses The Bento Group commitment to their team members wellbeing. As the Bento Group dynasty expands into other states, Anthros infrastructure will continue to provide streamlined HR solutions to all locations which further enhances their company culture and employee retention,” said Anurag. “I have become very fond of both Jimmy & Johnny Tung because they are men of honor and treat their employees like family, just like Anthros treats its members and clients.” 

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