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The Anthros story begins more than two decades ago when our founder and CEO Anurag Dandiya set out to reengineer the way human capital is managed. Over the course of 23 years, Anurag built the infrastructure, assembled an exceptional team and refined his vision for a new model of delivering human resources. The culmination of these efforts was the launch of the Anthros brand five years ago today.

Everything we do comes out of our values: People First, Service, Passion, Long-term Thinking, Transparency, and Learning. These are the ingredients that drive our culture. Only by living our values can we deliver value to our clients. And our journey is just beginning. We value evolution, and we are committed to growing as individuals, and as a team.

Our journey has been possible only because of the trust our clients place in us, and it has been our pleasure to support and grow with them over the past two decades. With each client we commit to building a long-term partnership. We become a champion of their company, their culture and their team. For us, nothing represents success better than our high client retention rate and seeing clients stay with us year after year.

What powers Anthros day by day is our team. The Anthros story can be understood only by hearing from them. That’s why, to celebrate our anniversary and the story of Anthros, we asked our team members to reflect upon the meaning of this occasion and what being part of the Anthros family has meant in their lives.

Helen Usher, Director of Benefits

When I look back at where we started and where we are now, I am truly amazed. What we have accomplished as a team, working together when other people told us we would fail, is far more than we thought was possible of ourselves. Anurag knew each of us could grow beyond our own expectations. He encouraged us to have dreams, aspirations, and personal goals of our own, and supported us with the tools, environment and freedom to accomplish those goals. We know that when the unexpected happens in our lives that we are surrounded by a team that cares and will help us get through the challenges. Companies talk of being a family but at Anthros we live it.

Ed Whalley, Chief Financial Officer

Celebrating our Anthros anniversary is like celebrating with family. I truly enjoy the people I work with as they are like an extension of my own family to me. They are happy, fun-loving and genuine. We have created a culture at Anthros over the years that is like no other. Our continued success at Anthros has been no accident. We have perseverance, we work hard for our clients as a team, and we love what we do!

Bill Edwards, Director of Legal Affairs

Being a part of the Anthros team from its inception, collecting memories and both life and work experiences with people I care about has been and continues to be extremely meaningful to me. Watching our team grow professionally and individually and being a part of the future of Anthros is something I value highly. I cannot wait for the next chapter of Anthros to unfold. It is like being a small part of a great book, reading it as it is being written, and finding myself unable to put it down.

Lisa King-Corbin, Director of Risk Management

Anthros is somewhere you can learn, grow and challenge yourself daily. Being at Anthros has increased my self-confidence, as you are encouraged to accept new responsibility without the fear of failure or repercussion but only with trust and support.

Dyannah Byington, Director of Brand Management

From the beginning the Anthros team placed their confidence and trust in me, even when I wasn’t sure I would succeed. It took me a while to adjust to the Anthros culture, the level of transparency and trust, the lack of tension and stress. Every morning we sit down and talk about work and also ourselves. Sometimes we meditate. Sometimes we eat donuts. We always laugh. I have made friends and family here. I have taken on and completed projects I was afraid to do. The exciting part is that the Anthros story is still being written, and that together as a team we will write the story that lies ahead.

Bailey Brasol, Compliance Manager

As I reflect on my time at Anthros, I can’t help but feel a little mushy gushy. In the five years since the inception of Anthros I feel like I have aged 20 years, in the best possible way! I have learned more since I started at this company than I ever imagined possible. Not only about our industry and all the millions of tiny details that make up a PEO, but also about myself, relationships and life in general. Anthros has enriched my life and become a constant place of comfort and support. This week, I am celebrating the company and team that has helped shape me into the person I am today and a company I am proud to call mine.

Tiffany James, Payroll Manager

The Anthros family is my family away from home. Being one of the individuals that contributed to the start of Anthros was an honor. I have faced many obstacles and challenges, but I was always determined to never give up, and I continued to push harder. Thank you, Anthros Ohana (“family” in Hawaiian). Most of all, thank you, Anurag Dandiya, for having faith and confidence in me.

Himanshu Anand, Global Operations Manager

I’ve learned so much from Anurag and the Anthros team, and feel I may not be able to express it in words. I learned about the importance of networking and building good relationships with our clients. I learned the importance of having patience. I learned that in today’s competitive world, client retention and retention of in-house talent are of the upmost importance. Working with Anthros my attitude towards life has drastically changed. I am more focused and resilient, and I have learned the value of friendship. Learning these things has helped me achieve other goals and have a wonderful personal and family life.

Jamie Patton, Executive Assistant

Anthros is a shining example of what a positive, healthy work environment is. Anthros gave me the support I needed to find and buy my first home. Through this company, I’ve gained new skills and relationships that I can carry with me through life

Erin Ramos, Client Relations Manager

Being a part of the Anthros family has felt like I have reached a part of my life where I am truly meant to be. I feel supported, encouraged, strengthened and trusted as a part of this team. I know that I am able to grow and learn here and I am able to use my gifts and experiences to carry out the vision of our team. Anthros is a source of support for me in all aspects of my life. I am beyond grateful to be here and I look forward to growing with Anthros for many years to come!

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