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What is the Anthros difference? The better question may be, what isn’t different about Anthros? From our client service philosophy to our client base…we are simply different!

Anthros puts clients at the top of our organizational chart and filters down to the CEO at the bottom. Why, you ask? Because our clients are at the helm of everything we do, every decision we make and every action we take, every day.

Anthros’ mission is to provide cost-effective, relationship-focused, Human Capital Management solutions empowered by professionals who consistently aim at re-engineering the client-centric business model with only the latest products and services. The constant re-engineering of the Anthros business model stems from regular shifts in what is relevant to our clients. At Anthros, we believe in constant and sincere communication; conversations with our clients provide invaluable intelligence, as client needs shift. These constant shifts in client needs, backed by sincere listening and then execution of solutions to exceed those needs, provides Anthros the differentiation in the market place. Anthros continues to invest heavily in team coaching & development. This investment in our internal human capital training has resulted in a premier service team well-known in the industry for highest client retention ratios and client satisfaction.

Every Anthros member is client-facing and fully equipped to work with multiple layers of influence at client locations in their respective areas of expertise. We do not ask our clients to use one person as their service conduit, but rather give them direct access to a team of experts, promoting quicker response times. In addition, each member of the Anthros team possesses an empathetic view on challenges business owners face each day.

Anthros will be the first to admit that not every prospective client we work with is ultimately the right fit for our culture or vice versa; Anthros is unfit for prospect culture. We are very careful in our due diligence process to hear what is relevant to the prospect to confirm we can ultimately fulfill those needs and engage in a long-term partnership. Not every company fits the bill, but those that do are sure to appreciate how Anthros can impact their Human Capital management & foster an environment of employer growth.

Contact us for further information. Please browse our website to see how we can help you with employee benefits administration and other business consulting solutions.

Nikki BrownAbout the Author:

Nikki Brown, SPHR – Director of Operations

About Anthros, Inc.:

Anthros provides expert back-office solutions in human capital management-from payroll and human resources, risk management and workers’ compensation to business consultation and beyond. Anthros focuses on “Human Capital” so businesses can focus on profits.

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