Anurag DandiyaFounder & CEO

Anurag Dandiya was born in India. Mr. Dandiya’s father Mr. Subhash Dandiya, served the Indian Air Force in three wars as a fighter pilot and retired as a decorated Commanding Officer at the age of 52.

Anurag attended The Air Force School (est: 1955) in New Delhi, India and went on to attend the eliteSt. Stephens College known to produce a long line of distinguished alumni since being established in 1881 by Cambridge University, England.

While at The Air Force Boarding School and St. Stephens, Mr. Dandiya was an avid competitor. Anurag represented both his alma mater and several local clubs in cricket. During his senior year, Anurag was appointed The Air Force School Cricket Team Captain and led his team to win several domestic & international championships. Anurag participated in the fist ever Himalayan Car Rally at the age of 16, which is now known as the toughest rally event in Asia.

After completing his education at St. Stephens and graduating with a degree in Business Administration, Anurag traveled through Europe to broaden his cultural awareness visiting 18 countries in 12 months finally settling in the United States.

In 1996, Anurag Dandiya decided to pursue a career in Human Resource Outsourcing and gained notoriety by acquiring rapid market share while consistently re-engineering his operational service delivery model and developing professionals that are recognized as the premier team in the industry. Anurag has served as the Executive Vice President, Director, and held senior leadership positions at the largest HR outsourcing companies with annual revenues in excess of $1.2 Billion. During his tenure, Mr. Dandiya spearheaded three major acquisitions, each over $100 million.

Mr. Dandiya’s insight within the Human Capital Management discipline and unique ability to customize operational scope of service resulted in the largest contract known in the industry. Anurag negotiated a single contract with a five-year term in the healthcare industry generating revenue over $400 million.

To further his growth, in 2011 Mr. Dandiya began attending Vistage International, an organization that coaches leaders to take their companies to the next level. That same year, Anurag was awarded “Rookie of the Year” in the Ferrari Club Racing Association and has since won several podium finishes. In 2012, 10 days after the passing of Anurag’s father, he went on to win the celebrated Daytona Race in the 360 Ferrari Challenge.

Mr. Dandiya is heavily involved in fund raising for nonprofits that support children and other important causes. For additional details, please view Anthros Difference & Social Commitment.

Mr. Dandiya lives in Orlando, FL with his wife Mirella who has been the backbone of his achievements since the beginning of his career. Anurag & Mirella enjoy travelling with their 8-year-old son, Aidan.