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Spring is here, which means all those hectic start-of-the-year tasks have subsided, and you’ve had time to get comfortable with your Human Resources administration routine. That makes it the perfect time to tackle all the organization and process improvement tasks you haven’t had time for up until now. Where should you start? Here are a few recommendations to guide you in your HR spring cleaning.

Audit Employee Files

Do you have an efficient filing system in place or is it time for a tune up? This is the time to clean up, organize and destroy files that are no longer needed.

First, check you I-9 files to confirm you have a form for every employee and that they are filed separately from other employee records. Separate I-9s for terminated employees from active employee forms. For terminated employees, I-9 forms must be kept for three years after date of hire or one year after termination date, whichever is later.

Next, review employee files. Does your filing system restrict access to only those who need it and protect the privacy of your employees? Remember that confidential medical information must be stored separately from main employee files.

Finally, use this opportunity to go paperless. How much space are old files taking up in your office? Evaluate what can be stored digitally and start converting.

Consult with Anthros for comprehensive guidelines on employee records and file retention.

Employee Handbooks

When was the last time you updated your employee handbook? Does it reflect your current policies and procedures, as well as changes in employment law that have been made since your last update? The Anthros legal team will work with you to make sure your handbook is complete and in compliance.

HR Technology Training

Are your managers and employees using our Manager Self Service (MSS) and Employee Self Service (ESS) portals to their full capacity? So much can be done in our online technology platform to make payroll processing and HR administration even easier for you. In addition, customized reports can give you insight into your specific business goals.

If you would benefit from a quick brush-up or more in-depth training for you and your managers, get in touch with your Anthros Customer Relations Manager.

Compliance Checkup

Do you have updated compliance posters and are they posted in a conspicuous place as required by the Department of Labor? Don’t forget you need compliance posters at every work location.

Contact us if you would like an HR spring cleaning consultation.


About the Author

Lisa G. King-Corbin, PHR, is the Process Improvement Manager at Anthros.

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