Move60 Challenge: Team Anthros Gets Moving!


The Anthros team is greeting spring with a wellness challenge! For the second year in a row, we’re participating in Healthy Central Florida’s Move60 challenge along with over 1,400 participants in our community. We’re challenging ourselves to be more active, whether that is running, biking, walking, swimming, or yoga—whatever gets us moving! Over 60 days, March 1st through April 30th, we’re tracking our steps and fitness activities.

We’re also using Move60 as an opportunity to talk about our overall wellness, both mind and body, and explore ways to promote health and wellness in the workplace. Each week on “Wellness Wednesday” we’ll tackle a different wellness-related topic. And, because we like a little friendly competition to get us motivated, we’ve split up into two teams and are having an internal competition as well. Meet our teams:

Team Mission Slimpossible: Ed, Bailey, Carleen, Tiffany and Erin

Team Die Lard: Helen, Anurag, Jamie, Lisa and Dyannah

Follow along with us as we share highlights from our health and fitness challenge and journey over the next few weeks!


Week One

For our first Wellness Wednesday we hosted Holistic Health Coach Shanna Windle, who led an interactive workshop about taking an integrated approach to health and the primary “foods” needed to create a nourishing life.

We also have some exciting fitness highlights from this week! Congratulations to Brand Manager Dyannah, who ran a half marathon PR (personal record) in Best Damn Race Orlando. And our Office Manager, Bailey, wins this week for most interesting exercise activity: baby goat yoga! Because, as far as we can tell, everything is better with baby goats.


Week Two 

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, our wellness focus this week was all about GREEN! Green eating, that is. Each of our two teams drew a healthy green ingredient—Team Die Lard drew asparagus, while Team Mission Slimpossible drew kale—and went head to head in a salad cook-off featuring their selected ingredient. Our judging panel was presented with an Emerald Kale Salad created by Team Mission Slimpossible and a Salmon, Asparagus & Lemon Vinaigrette Salad from Team Die Lard. Both were delicious but the Emerald Kale Salad was voted the winner. Congratulations!

Along with healthy eating, we’re also getting in our steps and exercise while we participate in Healthy Central Florida’s Move60 Challenge. Our team walked down to visit the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, one of Winter Park’s premier arts event of the year and just a few blocks away from the Anthros office. With this beautiful sunny weather, it’s hard not to get outside and get moving.

This week’s team member spotlight is on Jamie, who spent the week in Alaska visiting friends stationed at the Air Force Base. Even though it was the end of winter with lots of snow and ice, Alaska never stops exploring, and many of the state and national parks remain open for hiking, skiing, sledding, etc. Flattop Mountain in Chugach State Park just outside of Anchorage had beautiful trails that overlooked the city below. With all of the hiking and exploring Jamie did during her trip, she was the Anthros leader for most steps taken last week.