The Future of 401(k) and Social Security

How do we get a larger potion of the work force to think about the future? Approximately half of large companies offer retirement plans and only about 10% of their employees participate. Should retirement savings be forced on employees? The Administration’s latest... Read More


 There isn’t a Company in the market today that is 100% protected from Employee Lawsuits. What would you do today if you were contacted by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) stating that an employee has filed a claim against your company? Regardless of... Read More

The Anthros Difference

What is the Anthros difference? The better question may be, what isn’t different about Anthros? From our client service philosophy to our client base…we are simply different! Anthros puts clients at the top of our organizational chart and filters down to the CEO... Read More

Employer Health Strategies

Employers from the smallest companies to the largest are strategizing over what they will offer in the next 5 years in the realm of health benefits. While many companies will renew current benefit plans, many smaller companies will stop offering health insurance... Read More

HR Outsourcing: How to Choose the Right Firm

Outsourcing is a great option for business owners who want to save time and run their company more efficiently. When you make the decision to outsource payroll, you are also turning over your payroll tax responsibilities and confidential company information. Mitigate... Read More